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A small group of children and wonderful teachers create a warm environment for children to grow and learn.

Welcome to Sprouts. We are a small, play based preschool with a team of three well trained teachers. Sprouts Preschool began in 1982 and has been in its present location since 1994. There are twelve children and two teachers (sometimes three) in attendance each day. We also have “special teachers” who do classes in movement, yoga and puppet shows. We emphasize social development and the children’s connections with one another and the adults who care for them. Each day includes music, movement, art, science, children’s literature and emergent curriculum activities. Children are able to move freely from the indoors to the outdoors during the several long play periods. Our curriculum emerges from the children’s interests and ideas, and we have a thriving garden through out the year. We provide a healthy morning snack and children bring their own lunches to school. Children enjoy cooking projects throughout the year.

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