Child of the Week

Beginning in January of the school year, each child at Sprouts will take a turn being “Child of the Week”.  It is a chance for each child to take the spot light.  There are a few things that each family can do for their week.  If you are returning to Sprouts, you know the procedure.  New families,  you can take your cues from them, because they are going first in this process.

Make a photo board which reflects your family that can be displayed at school.  Children and adults alike love these boards.  You might want to include photos of your child when they were a baby (always a hit!) plus photos which show us who is in your family.  A lot of wonderful conversation is initiated by the boards.  Mount the photos on a piece of cardboard.  The board need not be elaborate!  Key to this activity is to have fun.

During the week, your child will be able to bring something to “share” each day at circle time.  It can be a favorite toy, book, cd, or memento.  The child of the week will also ring the bell to begin our lunch (a very big honor at preschool!).  If your child has a favorite snack that they would like to share, you can send it with them one day (keeping in mind the nut and egg allergies).

We also encourage you to come and visit with us during the week.  Parents have sometimes participated in a project – reading a favorite book, doing a simple art project, playing a musical instrument -whatever would be fun for you.  This is OPTIONAL, but if you have the time, the children really enjoy having their parent participate.

Lastly, there is an interview form.  Interview your child for their responses to the questions, and we will read your child’s interview during circle time.  The interview will be placed in your box with a reminder the week before your child’s date as c.o.w. (nice acronym!)